The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery Teaching the Art of Aesthetics 2014-03-31T23:34:41Z WordPress admin <![CDATA[Would You Like to Learn How to Provide Aesthetics Dermatology Services?]]> 2011-09-09T22:49:46Z 2011-09-09T22:23:34Z Aesthetics dermatology is a rapidly growing discipline. Many people are looking to turn back the clock and stop or reverse the appearance of aging. Providers who deliver aesthetics dermatology services are stepping into a popular field that can be very lucrative. In order to be successful you need access to comprehensive Dermatology Training Programs and learn from the very best teachers.

If you are interested in being an aesthetics dermatology practitioner, we can help you do that through our comprehensive Dermatology Training Programs at The AAAMS, The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. We have a comprehensive program delivered by some of the best teachers in the business.

You do not need to be a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon to perform many aesthetic procedures. We will teach you how to perform many procedures including Botox, fillers and facial aesthetics. At the same time we will teach you all about practice management protocols and considerations. You can earn additional revenue from your practice and provide these lucrative additional services for your patients. Your aesthetic services will also enhance your patient’s, keeping them attractive and younger looking for a longer period of time, which gives your patients many rewarding benefits.


admin <![CDATA[Yes, You Can Learn the Art of Botox Injection.]]> 2011-09-09T19:35:32Z 2011-09-09T19:35:32Z Have you wanted to learn how to administer Botox injections but weren’t sure that you could branch into aesthetic services. Our amazing staff at the AAAMS can teach you to perform aesthetic Botox Injections in a professional comprehensive program.  You simply need to be certified in all of the areas necessary to perform the injections safely and professionally, our courses will provide you and your staff with hands on real life training.

Botox Training is not limited to Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. Previous Botox Training students include a wide range of medical disciplines including physicians, nurses, physician assistants and dentists. You can perform Botox injections even if you have little or no previous experience performing aesthetic procedures. You can indeed expand your practice into aesthetic services once you have gone through this Botox Training program.

Botox Training at The AAAMS is a comprehensive program that covers patient selection and interaction, ageing, Botox history, techniques, risks, benefits, contraindications, patient demonstration and patient hands on sessions. In addition we will train you how to add aesthetic services to your current practice and also how to market your aesthetic services including social media marketing.




admin <![CDATA[Reasons to Take a Botox Certification for Dentists Course]]> 2011-08-17T09:37:54Z 2011-08-17T09:37:54Z Botox certification for dentists? It may sound weird on the surface, but dentists can and have been offering Botox treatments for their patients. If you are a dentist and are looking to add Botox to your line of services, understand that there are a couple of very good reasons to do so – both for your patient and for your practice.


First, as a dentist, you know the musculature of the face – specifically, the mouth region. This makes you very qualified to perform Botox treatments. And you are also helping patients with their smiles. As you clean their teeth, you can also help them improve their smile by reducing the wrinkles around their mouth and on their face. This adds to an overall improvement in their smile.


Another reason to take a Botox certification for dentists course is that dentists are using Botox to treat certain dental problems. One of the most common is temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). This means that Botox can be extended to health reasons, as well as cosmetic ones.


In any event, a course for Botox certification for dentists will enable you to expand the offerings of your practice. This turns your dentist office into a unique center for all things smile-related, instead of just another dentist office. As competition is fierce in this economy, using Botox treatments can help separate you from the pack. This means more sales for you in the end.


admin <![CDATA[Do You Need Dermal Filler Training Courses?]]> 2011-08-17T09:35:58Z 2011-08-17T09:35:58Z Are you looking to start a new income stream in your business life? Offering dermal fillers can be a great way to help others while creating a new method of earning yourself income. Whether you are a medical professional or looking to offer something new, dermal filler training courses can bring a business boom to you.


The simple reason for this is demand. There are plenty of people who are entering an age where they are dealing with unwanted wrinkles and lines on their faces. As they are looking to reduce or remove these wrinkles, they need someone who can safely and effectively give them dermal filler treatments. This is much more attractive than a costly and painful face lift, and can be administered quickly and easily. So, since there is already a market available that is clamoring for treatment, dermal filler training courses offer you the chance to tap into that very market.


What will you learn in dermal filler training courses? You will learn how to properly inject dermal fillers and where the strategic spots for injection are – so that you do it effectively.  More importantly, you will learn how to analyze potential patients. Not everyone is qualified to have dermal filler treatments, and you will know how to determine that. But you will receive an overall education in how dermal fillers work and what you need to know before performing a treatment on a potential customer.


admin <![CDATA[Botox Certification for Nurses]]> 2011-06-30T06:35:26Z 2011-06-30T06:35:26Z As a nurse, you are no doubt keen to learn about procedures and techniques that can benefit your patients as well as further your professional development. Becoming proficient in cosmetic Botox is one of the best investments you can make in your career, and Botox certification for nurses makes it easy. Simply by taking a training course, you will learn a host of cosmetic surgery skills, including how to mark for dermal fillers, administer injections, and keep correct records on every patient and every session.


Keeping proper records may not sound like a technique whose importance is on par with administering the injections themselves, but accurate documentation helps to ensure optimal Botox results for the patient’s anatomy and goals. Because Botox treatments tend to occur in installments, rather than all at once, good records are instrumental in maintaining continuity of treatment and helping to guarantee the integrity of the patient’s results.


When you secure Botox certification for nurses, you add to your already considerable skills and achievements. Specifically, you demonstrate your mastery of material that includes the history, action, side effects, and contraindications of cosmetic Botox; the anatomy of facial and neck muscles; proper marking and administration techniques, as well as proper handling of Botox itself; and more vital information. Hands-on training should also make up part of your education.


Completing Botox certification for nurses demonstrates to your fellow professionals and to patients alike your qualifications and your seriousness about providing the best Botox treatment available. To open doors in both the medical and cosmetic fields, secure proof of your accomplishments and suitability for an in-demand position in this booming profession.


Botox certification, as well as other training in dermatology and cosmetic surgery, is available through The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery, or the AAAMS. Visit today for more information, and to begin a new chapter of your career.


admin <![CDATA[Botox Dermal Filler Training]]> 2011-06-30T06:34:41Z 2011-06-30T06:34:41Z The popularity of cosmetic treatments continues apace, with no signs of stopping. Just as the options multiply for patients who want to improve their looks, so do the techniques in which a great nurse should become proficient – and the opportunities for professional development and advancement. One of the best investments you can make in your career is well within reach, in the form of Botox and dermal filler training. The renowned Botox and dermal fillers like Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm work by adding volume to fill in wrinkles and lines. This simple, effective procedure has become wildly popular, for obvious reasons.


Dermal fillers take effect as a form of stabilized hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in another form as a component of connective tissue in the human body. For this reason, it is an intuitive, elegant solution to the problem of aging, and it has a natural effect that makes allergic reactions rare. Each dermal filler can last approximately six months.


Quality Botox and dermal filler training will cover these basics as well as more advanced techniques, such as how to correct such varied problems as hollow eyes syndrome, sagging cheeks, a receding chin, and smokers’ and marionette lines around the mouth. You will learn the fascinating pathophysiology of the aging face and the anatomy of facial areas that are commonly treated with dermal fillers. The differences and similarities among dermal fillers will become clear to you, as will their indications, side effects, and contraindications. With this knowledge, you will be able to determine on a case-by-case basis exactly which dermal filler is best for the client in front of you, thereby providing the very best care.


By completing Botox and dermal filler training, you will learn valuable new skills and demonstrate to professionals and patients alike your qualifications. Visit today for more information on this and other training in dermatology and cosmetic surgery, and take a step toward a stronger career.


admin <![CDATA[Cosmetic Surgery Physician Training Covers Latest Non-Surgical Trends]]> 2011-06-29T16:23:55Z 2011-06-29T16:23:55Z FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
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Lisa Buyer 954-354-1411X14

Cosmetic Surgery Physician Training Covers Latest Non-Surgical Trends
AAAMS Offers Botox Training and Non-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Classes

Los Angeles, CA – March 2009 – It’s where aesthetic medicine meets the art of beauty. Plastic surgeons, OB-GYN’s, dermatologists, internists, and anti-aging physicians looking to refine or introduce non-invasive cosmetic surgery techniques now have a qualified training program by the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery(AAAMS). With over 200 active members and more than 100 physicians trained last year, AAAMS stands as the authority of training cutting edge, non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

The next training session, Aesthetic Medicine 101 offers courses and certification in Botox®, dermal fillers, chemical peels, liquid facelift, and aesthetic facial analysis, which will be held March 26 – 27, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Sam Assassa, the President of AAAMS and a pioneer in aesthetics medicine along with other AAAMS faculty members will train participants with live demonstrations showcasing groundbreaking techniques. This intensive, hands-on training session will cover procedures such as chemical peels, Cosmetic Botox® training, dermal fillers, mesotherapy, and general facial rejuvenation.

What: Aesthetic Medicine 101
Where: Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Beverly Hills, CA
When: March 26 – 26, 2009
Why: Non surgical aesthetic procedures and Botox training from Dr. Sam
Assassa, AAAMS President

“The physicians, RNs and medical professionals who attend AAAMS training sessions learn cutting edge medical aesthetics techniques,” said Dr. Assassa. “AAAMS is committed to teaching the artistic act of aesthetics in a practical, clear-cut approach with safety in mind. It gives aesthetic physicians cutting edge guidance and education in this rapidly growing field.”

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) hosts cosmetic surgery conferences throughout the year, focusing on a variety of aesthetic, non-invasive cosmetic surgery techniques and procedures that are highly sought after by physicians from all over the world for certification in the aesthetic medicine and surgery specialty.

“AAAMS offers the most comprehensive courses available, making the time for individualized attention to each participant’s questions,” said Julie Benzie, an RN and recent course participant. “I would recommend this course to any level of provider who would like training in aesthetic medicine.”

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) is committed to teaching the artistic act of aesthetics in a practical, clear-cut approach with safety in mind and to ensure uniform excellence in the care of patients. Both the rapid demand and acceptance of the public for aesthetic medical services, such as dermatology and cosmetic surgery, substantiate the importance and the need to standardize these practices. The AAAMS serves to set standards for aesthetic surgery practices, establishing reconstructive and aesthetic surgery treatments as a separate specialty in the world of medicine.

For more information about AAAMS visit:


admin <![CDATA[Botox Training Certification]]> 2011-05-03T20:48:17Z 2011-05-03T19:45:49Z Why You Need Botox Training Certification

Botox treatments continue to rise in popularity. Men and women are preserving their youthful looks with this non-invasive cosmetic treatment. Do you wish to offer Botox treatments to your patients? If so, you will need to go through a Botox training certification course to ensure that you obtain the proper knowledge of Botox and its techniques.

First, you do not want to risk the health or look of your patient. If Botox is done incorrectly, it can be very noticeable. When this happens, the patient can be quite upset. Protect your practice by making sure that your Botox training certification course allows you the opportunity to get hands-on experience in marking the injection spots on someone’s face and injecting it properly for best results. In addition, if your patient is looking for a certain look, you will need to know which spots to target. This knowledge will help you assist your patient more effectively. Also, you are protecting your practice. Nothing can hurt a practice more than a reputation for poor treatments. If you inject Botox carelessly, you can ruin your business. Make sure that you do not take any chances and go through a Botox training certification course that will help you administer the treatments properly. Finally, a good course will help you understand what you can and cannot expect from Botox. Some patients have unrealistic expectations for what Botox can do for them and what looks they can achieve. Botox can do some wonderful things, but there are limitations to it, like any treatment. You must be knowledgeable about these limits and be able to communicate them effectively to your patient.

A Botox training certification course from the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery will help you learn all these aspects of Botox and adequately prepare you to be able to offer this treatment to your patients properly.

admin <![CDATA[RN Botox Certification]]> 2011-05-03T20:47:25Z 2011-05-03T19:44:45Z Where to Obtain RN Botox Certification

If you are a registered nurse, you may be interested in expanding your abilities and knowledge, particularly in the popular and in-demand field of non-invasive cosmetic surgery. One of the best places to start is Botox, which is one of the most popular and well-known treatments available. But before you can administer Botox to patients, you need to have RN Botox certification.

In order to get RN Botox certification, you will need to go through a proper training course. This means a course that is designed to help you understand what Botox is, how to administer it, and how to treat patients who are dealing with any side effects. First, a good course will show you how to evaluate your patients. Some patients have unrealistic expectations for what Botox can do for you, and it is important to manage a patient’s expectations. In addition, there is a certain amount of preparation that goes into Botox treatments, and the course will teach you this as well. This can include proper planning of where the Botox will be injected, and how to identify the spots and mark them. Finally, an RN Botox certification course will offer hands-on training, so that you are comfortable with the equipment and using it in a real procedure.

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery offers RN Botox certification courses that cover this material and much more, making sure that you are as prepared as possible to offer Botox treatments to your patients. If you are in need of certification and training to administer Botox treatments, consider the courses offered by the AAAMS. Their professionals will help walk you through everything you need to know to conduct Botox treatments and sessions effectively and professionally, with confidence that you are administering it correctly.

admin <![CDATA[Restylane Training]]> 2011-05-03T20:46:07Z 2011-05-03T19:43:42Z Why You Should Take Restylane Training

If you are offering your patients injectables as a form of non-invasive cosmetic surgery, you likely are offering Botox, as it is one of the most popular forms of injectables currently on the market. However, if you are only offering Botox, you may be missing out on some of the great benefits that your patients can enjoy from other injectables. You may wish to take courses like Restylane training to expand your offering to your patients.

Restylane training can show you some of the great benefits that come from using this injectable. First, Restylane will help your patients achieve a more youthful appearance, which is exactly what they are looking for with cosmetic procedures like these. Minor lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and mouth can be filled with Restylane and produce a very natural appearance. It can even enhance the lips, giving volume to the lips. You can learn more about using Restylane for the lips when you go through Restylane training. And while many forms of injectables use compounds derived from animal tissues, Restylane does not, which means allergies are not as much of a concern. Finally, the cost of Restylane is minimal compared to other treatments, so it can be a very affordable and attractive option for your patients who are on strict budgets.

If you would like to take Restylane training courses, one of your best resources is the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, which aims to offer standardized courses for those looking to expand their non-invasive cosmetic treatment offerings. With our Restylane training courses, you will get hands-on experience administering the treatment, allowing you to build confidence that will translate to better treatments for your patients. This type of training is invaluable to those who wish to eliminate the risks associated with introducing new offerings to their practice.