Nikolay P. Serdev, M.D., PhD

NikolySerdevTN Nikolay P. Serdev, M.D., PhDAAAMS President Elect

Dr. Nikolay Serdev is the innovator of the Scar-less Serdev Suture Suspension Lift. This method is used in the face and body to correct early ptosis and flabbiness of the tissue. Dr. Serdev is an international speaker and a well-known professor at the International College of Cosmetic Surgery and CIUniversity. He is a national consultant in aesthetic cosmetic surgery for the Ministry of Health in Bulgaria and a member of the Bulgarian Examining Board in Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine. An Honorary member of the French Society of Aesthetic Surgery and an Honorary Professor of the East Asian College of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Serdev also acts as a Professor and Program Director for the International University Program of Post Graduate Specialization in Cosmetic Surgery at New Bulgarian University in collaboration with ICCS and IBCSM.

Since 1994, Dr. Serdev has been the Director and Head Surgeon of Sofia Medical Center, Program Director of the Postgraduate NBUniversity Program Specialization in Cosmetic Surgery, and Managing Editor of the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Serdev is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the “International Journal of Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery” and participates on the editorial board of the “International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology”.

Dr. Serdev held his internship in general surgery at Sofia’s Emergency Medical Institute and completed his fellowship in general surgery at Sofia’s Military Medical Academy. He has also served as the Head of the Department of Surgery and Deputy Head for the Military Hospital in Sliven, Bulgaria as well as served as Head of the Department of Burns and Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, at the Military Medical Academy of Sofia.

Organizational Memberships:

  • President, National Bulgarian Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine
  • Chairman of the Board and Ex- President, Balkan Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Director of the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery


  • The ICCS Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons of the Millennium
  • Outstanding Contribution Award in field of Cosmetic Surgery as Ace Cosmetic Surgeon
  • Hall of Fame for the International College of Cosmetic Surgery
  • 2005 Venera – For considerable contribution to the national development of cosmetic surgery, Excellency and devotion to aesthetic surgery
  • World Leader in Cosmetic Surgery


  • Best Aesthetic Doctors in Europe “La Excellencia”

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