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**Very Limited Class Size Due To Intensity Of “Hands On” Class**
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Comprehensive Hands-on Course on Lipo Sculpting and Fat Grafting

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed to orient the physician and his staff of the basic approach to Tumescent Liposculpting. The course will include coverage of patient selection, pre-operative evaluation, a detailed review of various liposculpting techniques, pre and post-operative care, and complications. Participants will observe all procedures of liposculpting and will familiarize with material and protocols. After observation, attendees will have supervised hands-on training on patients or models.

What Does This Course Cover?

After this course, participants will have information and hands on experience concerning basic techniques of Liposculpting:

  • Anatomy
  • Proper selection of patients
  • Markings
  • Tumescent Anesthesia and Pre medication
  • Liposculpting Step-by-Step
  • Post Operative Care
  • Complications
  • History of Tumescent Liposculpting
  • Risks of Systemic Anesthesia
  • Pharmacology of Tumescent Technique
  • Tumescent Formulations per area
  • Ancillary Pharmacology
  • Tumescent Infiltration Technique
  • Surgical techniques: Microcannula Liposculpting, Power Assisted Liposculpting, Ultrasound Liposculpting, Laser Liposculpting.
  • Pre and Post liposculpting Care
  • Open Drainage and Bimodal Compression
  • Tumescent Liposculpting by Area: Abdomen, Lateral Thighs, Hips and love handles, Medial Thighs, Knees, Anterior Thighs, Chin, Jowls, Buttocks, Male Breasts, and Arms.
  • Implementing Office Liposuction:
    1. How to set up the Office Liposuction Suite
    2. The Business of Office Liposuction
    3. Advertising and Promotional Materials
    4. Surgical Suite setup, Equipment, and Supplies
  • Handling the Dissatisfied or Difficult Patient
  • Live Surgery Demonstration, Observational and Hands-on Surgical Training of Office Liposuction

What Else Does This Course Include?

Each attendee will receive the following:

  • Detailed full-color training course manual
  • Hands-on as well as didactic classroom time
  • Training & Membership Certification upon completion
  • Marketing tools including necessary forms for patient history, consent and policy/procedure

Space is Limited.
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